is an innovator, a creator of decorative architectural hand crafted corner guard of contemporary and modern design crafted to fit you or any style. We set the mood with over 20 unique corner guard designed and personalized to set the mood and interior of your environment. Our corner guards come in 14 different electro platting finishes, powder coating also available. ArchiArt clients and applications spans to areas of architects, interior design to high end furniture stores for both commercial and residential.




Avi Binur
President and Manager

    Avi Binur was born in Tehran, Iran to an Orthodox Jewish family. Because of their Zionistic dream, his family immigrated to Israel in 1950 soon after it won its independence.  Binur’s artistic talents were hidden for four decades. In high school, he majored in metallurgy and pursued a technical program. No impulse had yet pushed him to do any artistic work.  Avi Binur joined the Israeli army when he was 18 years old. He was a young man with out a clue about his future. Against his wishes, the army trained him to be a driver, not recognizing his technical skills.  Self taught, he aggressively entered into the world of art. His artwork has been described as realistic and naive but primitive. The hundreds of colors of native people and cultures are the well from which his artistic creativity flows.
    The results are obvious: His unique and original images are appreciated by those who exhibit and purchase his artwork. Binur pays great attention to the smallest details of his work.  His delicate sense and his realistic approach demonstrate an ability to observe and capture space, shapes and colors. His thoughts expand to create the images he wishes to convey. Binur has utilized diverse materials in his work, from precious metals like Copper, Brass, Silver, Gold, wood and paint, while demonstrating skill with every material. The artist is constantly searching for new ways to blend and form, material and color.  In late 1986, Avi binur and his family moved to the US. Binur continued his artistic career here in Los Angeles. His art and its preparation are diversified. California and it’s lifestyle and the openness of its people are a constant source of inspiration. Binur often works late into the night on projects as the day is to short to contain his imagination.
    Binur is waiting for the time when his images will be hung nationwide on large walls and be recognized as an environmental art, “it is an art of motion,” Binur says. “It is both beautiful and decorative art.” His work has been exhibited at the Window gallery in Beverly Hills, CA.  Avi Binur’s work has been exhibited at the Los Angeles Art Expo in October 1991. He has been a featured artist in New York, “Arts Magazine, Arts Peak, Art Business News, and Decor Magazine.” Most importantly Avi Binur has exhibited his arts in June of 1993 at the Lancaster Museum of Arts, in Lancaster, CA a 3-man exhibition on Jewish Heritage in the Antelope Valley. His artistic work, Subjects, Materials, colors and techniques have changed over the years. Binur’s skills, sensitivity and creativity put him in a category of an exceptionally gifted artist. Art of the 90’s says -“Binur has made it, but looks forward to new artistic challenges.”  Avi’s artwork was well received in Israel in the early 1960’s by Professor J.L. Mendelson, a distinguished art historian and lecturer of the University of Bar Ilan in Israel. In public review of Binur’s works, describes his artistic gift as “Both original and simple, Avant Garde and understandable to all. His originality lies in that, in an age of technology and abstraction, He found his way back to nature…. his feeling for natural textures is concise, flawless, and totaling convincing…”